Thursday, September 9, 2010

Green BEAN Delivery

Step one to learning to appreciate vegetables would seem to be obtaining vegetables.  So I've subscribed to Green BEAN Delivery, which promises to deliver organic, locally-grown fruits and vegetables to my home regularly.  I chose the every-other-week delivery, and today, I got my first list of things to be delivered next Friday.

I actually do care about the organic, locally-grown bit.  I know that one person doesn't make much difference, but then again, my choices influence the choices of the people around me, and from what I've read from Michael Pollan, the world really would be a better place if more people did what I'm trying to do, and ate food that came from the ground nearby, rather than food that comes in heavily processed forms from halfway across the world.

Here's the list: I'm just starting to work on a menu based on incorporating these into my food in ways I'm willing to try.

1 bunch carrots
4 Empire apples
1 leaf lettuce
1 pound of green beans
3 red Bartlett pears
24 ounces of fingerling potatoes
16 ounces of strawberries
16-20 ounces of yellow slicer tomatoes

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